Stella and Jamael Libbus

Stella (Shaheen) Libbus was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia to parents Philip and Laura Shaheen along with 8 other siblings, Thomas, Isaac, Louis, Mary, Peter, Alice, Martha and Joseph. Her father was one of the first people to come to Sydney from Lebanon due to the war. Philip first travelled Montreal and later came to Sydney where they built their home in Ashby. At age 12 Stella started her first job at Moffats, where she would later meet her husband Jamael Libbus.

Jamael was born to Isaac and Annie Libbus and had 6 other siblings, Alexander, Fanny, Morena, Freda, Francis, and Rose. Jamael was 2 months old when his father Isaac passed away and from then on his mother Annie worked at the first Saloon shop in Sydney and raised her family until her passing in 1962.

Together, Jamael and Stella began building their life residing at the Libbus Block, until moving to their own home on Sheriff Avenue. Jamael worked in the Steel City Tavern and Stella worked at the Smart Shop until their retirement at age 60. They had four boys, Joseph, Ronald, Douglas, and William. Jamael and Stella have been very close and active members of the Cedars Club for over 60 years. Stella often participates in cooking Lebanese food for events at the club and attending mass.

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